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Industry Sectors

While Optisign has been particularly popular within the print industry, we receive a high level of interest from businesses in other sectors such as fashion & textiles, drafting and architecture, construction, fabrication, offshore sourcing and procurement. The Optisign system will improve efficiency for any business dealing in custom products, development or design.


Graphic design, video editing, 3d modelling, animation. Whatever your creative discipline, you can safeguard your work against rogue clients taking your files and using them before payment or at least providing official sign off. Our system also integrates seamlessly with XERO accounting so that you begin accepting payment online.

A Perfect Flow For Designers
  • Client requests your creative services.
  • You begin working to their requirements.
  • Client provides soft approval via email or phone.
  • Use Optisign to send watermarked files to customer for sign off.
  • Customer approves and pays invoice online using Optisign + XERO.

Once the customer provides approval and pays online you can safely release all source files and originals knowing that you have been paid, and the customer has approved your designs in writing.

App Design

Web & Application Development

Web and application development usually begins with a prototype, wireframe or mock design draft prior to being coded and made functional for use by the end user. Developers can safeguard themselves against unnecessary revisions by requesting their clients sign off on a prototype before your team begin development.

Excellent For Developers
  • Mobile apps.
  • Web and e-commerce.
  • SAAS software.
  • Interactive hardware.

Developers can also use the Optisign system to gain approval on an entire project or staged milestones to ensure client approval at every level of a project.

CAD Approval System

Product Design & Manufacturing

If you are manufacturing or supplying anything custom made you should be requesting customer sign off prior to production. Fabrication, construction, product development, 3d printing, injection moulding.

These are all areas where a customer should be approving a design in writing and the Optisign system allows you to obtain client sign off - Not just on design specifications but also price, quantity, delivery location (if any).

  • Obtain explicit written approval from your customer.
  • Store all orders in a simple to use system for future referencing.
  • Combine with XERO accounting for automatic invoicing.
  • Request payment prior to production.
  • Protect yourself from client cancellation after production commencement.
Screen Print Approval System

Printing & Branding

A huge problem within the print industry is miscommunication of design or printing requirements between a printer and the customer.

It is only too common a client receiving printed goods only to realise there is an error or a design change that has been overlooked prior to production. The Optisign order summary page helps to alleviate these errors and requests explicit client sign off prior to laying down a single drop of ink.

Perfectly Suited To
  • Screen printers.
  • Promotional product suppliers.
  • Embroidery and workwear suppliers.
  • Digital printing, business cards, flyers etc.
  • Sign shops, wide format, poster and banner printing.
Embroidery Approval System


Similar to printing, embroidery is an industry where all too often the customers design requirements are misinterpreted and then overlooked. But workwear and apparel providers can protect themselves from errors by requesting a written and signed approval before commissioning embroidery onto garments.

The Optisign Platform
  • Allows you to enter sizes, colours and quantity breakdowns.
  • Requests customers complete their address for delivery.
  • Displays artwork or design specifications via a file upload.
  • Displays unit price, sub total, tax and grand total.
  • Requires the customer sign and approve the entire order.

Global Sourcing & Drop Shipping

Optisign lets you manage orders not just when getting approval from customers but also ordering products from suppliers. Our system makes sending orders to manufacturing partners (or your own internal production department) easier than ever.

Companies sourcing products from offshore suppliers are using Optisign to manage their procurement because of the simple overview system which displays orders at various status levels including which orders have been sent, accepted, declined and shipped by your suppliers.

If you are drop shipping items directly to your customer from your production facility then our system can help to reduce admin and data entry using our "Click to produce" user flow which sends your customers approved order directly to your factory for fulfillment.

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