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Order Management Simplified

Ease of use and low barrier to entry was our priority when developing the Optisign system. We are continuously adding new options and
functionality to our software to make your life easier in production, print, design or whatever bespoke industry you operate in.


Initial Communication

A potential customer sends an enquiry and your sales team provide pricing and information via email or phone channels.

Create Order For Approval

Once the details are agreed on your team member inputs the order details to the Optisign system and sends to the customer for approval.

Customer Acceptance

Your customer reviews details online and approves the order by completing their delivery details and completing the electronic signature field.


One Click Produce

Approval comes back to the Optisign system with delivery details completed by the customer and with a few clicks the order is sent to supplier(s).

Supplier Confirmation

Your supplier or your internal production department receive an email with a purchase order and are required to submit an acceptance confirmation.

Order Shipment & Tracking

Your supplier is then requested to enter tracking details. Once entered your team are notified and can one click submit tracking info to the end customer.

Easy Order Entry

Easy Order Entry

Your sales or production team can enter orders into the system for approval or quoting. Through a simple series of fields with advanced features available if and when needed.

The order entry page is designed to be clutter free with a minimal amount of required fields such as customer name, product info, quantity, price and file attachments being right at the heart of the Optisign user interface, and additional more advanced options like tax settings, discounts, approval deadlines, selectable branding, and internal team memos also available only if needed.

  • Input as much or as little data as you like.
  • Easy add product, price and quantity.
  • Designed to prevent costly errors.
  • Notification settings.
  • Automatic invoicing options.
  • Option to send as quote only.

Complete Dashboard

The orders dashboard shows every single order currently in production or awaiting further actions. Our layout makes it almost impossible to not receive an approval back from a customer or to miss placing an order into production.

  • Designed to reduce errors or missed orders.
  • Find orders quickly with instant search.
  • Fast ordering and filtering options.
  • Simple step by step fulfillment process.
  • Night mode reduces eye strain.
  • Displays payment status.

Better Customer Experiences

When producing anything to a custom specification be it digital goods such as web development or graphic design, or physical products like printed media, signs, textiles or even construction - it is critical that your company should be requesting a written approval that is binding and protects you and your customer from errors.

At the heart of our system is an easy to use approval flow which combines an order summary, client intake form and digital signature into one convenient page. Our system also automatically creates invoices upon client sign off and funnels your customer towards payment via your preferred accounting platform.

  • Provides customers a final summary of their order before signing.
  • Customers enter details for delivery reducing in house data entry.
  • Time stamping and IP address logging of approvals.
  • Approval notification to staff and customer keeps everyone in the loop.
  • Automated reminders on outstanding approvals.
  • Automatic invoice creation.

Accounts Integration

Optisign pairs seamlessly with major accounting platforms.

Partnering with these platforms enables automatic invoicing which provides a major reduction in the amount of data entry required by your team and our approval process includes options for your customer to enter alternative billing information for display on their invoice effectively eliminating manual invoice creation by your team.

  • Seamless integration with XERO and Sage One.
  • MYOB, Intuit Quickbooks, FreshBooks and Wave integrations planned.
  • Automated invoice creation, payment request and reminders.
  • Payment status displays and can be filtered on dashboard page.
  • Integration not mandatory. Invoicing can be disabled via settings.

Reporting & Insights

We have created and are continually improving our reporting and insights dashboard. Which is designed to give business owners a very quick overview of your client value, staff performance and sales by product type.
  • View dollar value and unit quantity of items sold.
  • Sort clients by value and quickly identify your best customers.
  • Get product sales insights and seasonal sales volume data.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to view information.
  • Filter by date and compare times periods easily.

We have huge things planned for our reporting features including high level data segmenting and machine learning implementation with alerts and AI powered insights to help your business grow.

Secure Servers

Safe & Secure

Our system harnesses the latest in cloud infrastructure which means you as a business owner, your team members and your customers are getting the very best in services delivered through the cloud.
  • Your data is safely held within state of the art hosting facilities.
  • Best in class availability with 99.9% uptime.
  • Create and manage your own internal user access.
  • Data disaster and recovery plans in place at all times.

We design Optisign to be safe, secure and ensure that your data is always available when needed. More information on our up times and security can be found in our terms and conditions.

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